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There are two universal factors that limit our ability to live large: our tendency to live our lives based on unquestioned assumptions, and allowing fear to stop us in our tracks and keep us from moving forward.

Here is an exercise for you to think about: Describe what your life would be like if there were no barriers or obstacles to pursuing your dreams. Then ask yourself these questions:

  • What roles do you play in life right now?
  • What are the assumptions you hold about these different roles?
  • Which of those assumptions are holding you back?
  • Which assumptions have you accepted based on messages from others or from culture?

When we design our coaching alliance, we will work together as a team to:

  • Clarify your vision, goals, passion and purpose to play large in life,
  • Develop strategies and accountability structures  to keep you on track,
  • Break through those blocks and tear down those assumptions that are preventing you from taking that next step.


How does Donna work with her clients?

Coaching Story #1:


“I chose Donna Billings as my coach for some improvements I needed in my leadership skills in an academic setting. She clearly had the experience to direct me to resources that could be directly helpful. Also, it was clear to me that she knew the academic world well enough to know the particulars of my leadership challenges.

Donna used a threefold method in working with me. First, she provided me access to leadership literature that focused on improving my particular areas of need. Second, she used analytic tools of leadership to help me understand better my natural strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Third, and most importantly, she used her coaching wisdom to grasp my situation and guide me towards more effective leadership behaviors.

The results were immediate and robust. With Donna’s help I was able to sharpen my public speaking presentations, to manage my time better, and to successfully deal with difficult conversations.

I have already recommended Donna’s coaching to a number of my colleagues and will continue to work with her in the future.”

Coaching Story #2:


Donna Billings helped me create a road map for getting out of a mental rut and back onto the road to success. I was stuck and needed to redefine and refocus my vision for my career and that ever hard to gain life balance. One of the tools Donna uses, is a visual map. Creating my map was the key to unlocking my “stuck thinking”. It’s something I refer to each morning and it brings me daily clarity and joy. Here is one of the six sides of the album (one for each aspect of my life) that  I created while working with Donna.   — Bear Brandegee

Coaching Story #3:

Working with Donna as my coach literally changed my life. I started out with her from a place of vague unrest related to my career situation. Through pointed and strategic questioning and feedback, Donna “companioned” me through deep exploration of my dreams and ideas that led me to think about what is next.

How could I best express who I am through the next stage of my work life? Donna’s ability to see, hear, and reflect back my potential (which I wasn’t seeing at the time) led me to make the very unexpected decision to retire from a secure and mostly satisfying job and to create my own business. My new venture allows me to more fully use my knowledge and expertise in exciting and creative ways. I am also able to have a much healthier work-life balance.

I had no idea when I began my work with Donna that I would be where I am today, a 63 year old woman beginning a totally new stage of my career while also living a much richer personal life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Donna! – MBM

Coaching Story #4:

I first worked with Donna as a professional coach when I had several overwhelming personnel/management issues.  Her encouraging and supportive coaching style quickly broke through my embarrassment and worries as she assigned me some readings and met with me weekly to guide and encourage me.  With Donna there was always an action step:  read this, do this, try this, practice this.  She is unflappable, forthright and inspirational.  A couple of years after this great coaching experience, I asked Donna to work with my entire department to guide us through a strategic planning process.  Once again, she was brilliant at supporting the varied cast of folks and always keeping us steadily on track towards an outcome.  Two great experiences, and I have no doubt I’ll call upon her in the future.

Roberta C. Aronson, Executive Director

Office of International Programs

Duquesne University

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