Feel hemmed in by life roles and circumstances?

Looking to live your dream? Worried you are running out of time? If so, this book is for you.

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While planning to visit her son in the Peace Corps, Donna Billings confronted her own fears as well as the demands of her husband and her boss, traveling alone to Nicaragua. The experience awoke in her a desire to question the assumptions and roles that kept her from realizing her dreams. This is the story of how she pursued her passion while remaining faithful to a chronically ill and curmudgeonly husband 19 years older.


Donna Billings’ courage and determination to take multiple risks despite the “better judgment” of various naysayers inspires the reader to break with her old life patterns and dive into a totally new existence. This book is the next best thing to having a personal coach.

Joan AndersonAuthor, A Year by the Sea (now a motion picture)

Donna Billings has the wisdom of years, and the sagacity to not take herself too seriously. A delightful read!

Andrea SigetichAuthor, Play to your Strengths and An Entrepreneur’s Trail Guide

I highly recommend this book as a must-read in the upcoming winter months for anyone contemplating a deeper passion and purpose in life!

Billings’ chronicle of her treks around the world with an amazing group of women are filled with adventure, laughter and tears. The quiet beauty and challenges she faces on the trail provide the reader with a unique opportunity to reflect on other aspects of our lives that we love, and struggle to accept or change, as the author did.

Rosemary Hanrahan MD, MPH Author and Life Coach

Read this book! It is an easy read….written conversationally. Yet the author doesn’t gloss over the hard things in life – like a crotchedy older husband who is dying very slowly. I ended up feeling inspired. Donna takes on big challenges – hiking, climbing, finding love and support – not just to keep going, but to thrive. I have given this book to several women who are facing challenges themselves. I think men would like it too. Perfect for someone who might feel like giving up in the face of difficulties.

Sharon Eakes

How wonderful to read the adventures of someone who shares my philosophy of living life to the fullest!! I went to grad school at the age of 50 to fulfill a life long dream and the only thing I regret is that I’ve had only 30 years (so far) to enjoy it. The author’s sense of adventure and willingness to pursue and overcome is truly inspiring! Live that dream, Baby!!

J. L. Corbin

I know the author personally and she is the ‘real deal’. The stories of how the author approached and overcame barriers and obstacles are inspiring. And the blessings that follow are encouraging. Interesting reading that will capture your interest and motivate you to get out there…and live!

Messy Miracles

Donna’s compelling story is a must for all who aspire to not let their surroundings restrict their hopes and dreams. And to accomplish this without sacrificing the present is a gift that Donna uses well.

Al Rickert

Within a few pages, I realized that it was going to be a lengthy experience. The reason was that I could not get through much text without learning and, indeed, re-learning about myself. The style of writing and the offered lessons were so accessible that even though I was reading about someone else, I felt like my feelings, wants, and needs (be they in the past, present, or what I hoped to come) were on center stage. For an author to inspire that sort of reader experience, she must be genuine, and have a compelling “voice” to listen to.

Thank you, Donna, for the “relaxing, renewing, and rejuvenating” hikes of inspiration and purpose. Since receipt of the book, I have read it three times.

Loons watcher